Gamer on the edge of cliff.
Gamer on the edge of cliff.

The soft thud-thud of the running boots was gradually drowned by the loud thumping from within. “Hey Rick! Eight O’clock!”. Bo…om! Desert Eagle. ‘You never know who is out’ I rasped gulping in the frosty air. With asynchronous cover fire we skid down to the cliff edge. Peering through the telescopic sight of Barrett MRAD I gazed the wasteland yet to conquer. But suddenly out of nowhere I heard the unmistakable click of the Walther P22 - cold, crisp and clear. Before a second thought flashed…, “GAME OVER” glowed ominously across the screen.

In this never ending world of electronic…

Create, build and deploy an AI web application

Me and my friend Shaheen had the privilege to take a webinar on software development as a practical holistic approach. Here’s my article sketching out how we deployed a very basic toy AI web app. Follow along!

Here’s a mermaid graph explaining the difference between
Conventional Programming:

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and ML Programming [1]

It’s never too late to learn something new

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Photo by philippe collard on Unsplash

TinkerHub is one of the most active communities for the budding innovator and bold young entrepreneurs from Kerala. In the midst of this unfortunate Covid-19 crisis, they have launched a learn from home program. This event focuses on five popular learning topics — Go, Python, Flutter, Adobe XD, and web.

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Hi there, it has been a great time for me to delve into the world of Linux. Starting from Ubuntu all the way to Arch its has been a exhilarating journey, indeed. I’ve familiarized with how Linux, Git, etc. work; even more interesting is the fact that I can contribute to the development of these distros. My gratitude goes to the pioneers in Linux esp. Linux Trovalds, and billion others who have massively contributed to Linux.

This is a brief update on how to use typing booster in ubuntu based distros

Getting to the point, one of the most challenging…

Jovial Joe Jayarson

Trying to converge: | Python | Deep Learning | IOTA | Raspberry Pi | Quantum Programming | Flutter while still being jovial.

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